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From multi award winning Angus Annual Report, including ASTRA Gold & NAMA First Place

Random Thought Studio is an award winning creative services firm with the goal of creating a process that allows the best thinking to surface. And in that process, a sincere stewardship of brand communications.


Our sweet spots include high quality video production and creative strategy for marketing communications. Clients include life science organizations, financial service companies, health care providers, and non-profits.


Formerly a Creative Director with ad agencies in New York and Philadelphia, Tim Loretangeli started Random Thought Pictures to facilitate documentary filmmaking, mostly for personal projects. Some of the resulting work has been accepted into a number of film festivals, including the Woodstock Museum Film Festival. Since then, video production has expanded to include many corporate clients.

In 2012, Random Thought Pictures became a full-fledged creative services firm operating at Horizon Center in Hamilton, NJ, providing traditional marketing communications, interactive design and development, as well as video production and photography. With the move to The Red Knob Building in downtown Bordentown in late 2013, the growing company further evolved to become known as Random Thought Studio to better reflect the comprehensive creative offerings and the new space.

Tim Loretangeli

Tim Loretangeli

Creative Director

Random Thought Studio Mindset:
Provide thoughtful, well executed creative solutions in a business-friendly environment.
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